Canada Winter Games, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Brent Harley and Associates Inc. were retained to determine the combination of Skiing Event Venues at Ski Wentworth and Ski Martock that would work best for the Halifax 2011 Canada Winter Games. An in-depth review process of each ski area and their existing ski facilities infrastructure was completed.  This acted as a foundation for BHA’s review and recommendations. Adhering to the primary criteria of Snow sport organizations of Alpine Canada, Snowboarding and Freestyle Skiing, evaluating capital costs and snow making costs it was established that Martock would host the Nordic and Freestyle events while Wentworth would be the host to the Alpine events.


The primary goal of this study was to determine the best combination of facilities at Ski Wentworth and Ski Martock to act as the Skiing Event Venues for the Halifax 2011 Canada Winter Games.

Detailed digital topographic, planimetric and cadastral information of Wentworth and Martock were received from the two ski areas. This was used as the basis for the completion of slope and elevation maps of the terrain

Once complete, the templates of the various disciplines were overlaid onto the maps. Ignoring existing conditions and legal boundaries, a series of opportunities and constraints were identified where the criteria matched the physical capability of the land. Each one these sites were then evaluated in an effort to distinguish their strengths and weaknesses. This study culminated in a series of conclusions and recommendations aimed at ensuring that the Canada Winter Games will be a success while ensuring a legacy that will strengthen the ski industry offering in the Maritimes.

“Brent Harley and Associates has been a key partner for the Halifax 2011 Canada Games. They are true professionals who have a keen understanding of the ski sport world. The team understood our needs and went the extra mile to ensure they were met and exceeded. As a result of their technical knowledge and expertise, Nova Scotia will benefit from enhanced ski facilities, and the dreams of Canada’s best young athletes will play out on our ski hills in 2011.”

Chris Morrissey CEO Halifax 2011 Canada Winter Games