Kostenets Resort,  Kostenets, Bulgaria

The Kostenets Resort is a proposed all-season resort in in the Rila Mountains, approximately 65km south of Sofia, Bulgaria.  Brent Harley and Associates was retained to complete a resort development feasibility study of the area to assess its physical and environmental potential to support an all-season resort.

The intent of the project was to develop a mountain resort that will provide “a truly peaceful environment immersed in nature, consistent luxury and comfort in all of the resort’s facilities, the availability of a wide variety of sports and activities and quality of service on par with international upper-class resort standards”. A range of outdoor recreation activities would be offered through all four seasons, complemented with health and wellness, cultural sightseeing, and business tourism.

Using topographic, planimetric, and environmental data, BHA analyzed the study area’s natural attributes and characteristics from the perspective of all-season resort development. The study area was found to have the natural characteristics and capacity to support world-class skiing, mountain biking and hiking. Further, with its proximity to Sofia and natural hot springs, the proposed site was well positioned to host a range of health and wellness offerings and business tourism venues.

Site Visits

BHA engaged with local authorities and the client through a number of site visits which complemented the mapping analysis done in-house. The results of the study are currently being used to secure final planning permissions from the government.