In the summer of 2016, BHA and Alpine Bike Park teamed up to bring Big White Bike Park to life.

Please follow the link to Pink Bike to see more pictures of the trails and the construction project.

BHA was hired by Big White in the summer of 2015 to create the Big White Bike Park Master Plan. This summer, the first shovel was put in the dirt and the Bike Park is planned for a 2017 summer opening. As avid mountain bikers, the BHA team is thrilled to be part of the project that will put the next major Bike Park in British Columbia on the map. Using the latest mapping technologies, BHA put together a phased master plan that will allow Big White to capture the incredible biking opportunities that their natural terrain has to offer. Please follow the link below for more information

Whistler Wayfinding project was initiated in 2014 and is aiming to develop a comprehensive wayfinding strategy for RMOW.  As a Whistler based planning consultant, BHA got involved in the project through a partnership with Merje, a design firm from Pennsylvania.  The project is now being implemented and BHA is happy to see the first signs installed through out the municipality.

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Whistler Wayfinding Implementation. Photo: Merje 2016.