Silver Star Resort is one of BHA’s long standing clients and we are delighted to hear the announcement about the construction of their new gondola.  The gondola construction is planned to start this summer and will link the Base Area to the Summit with a high-speed Doppelmayr gondola featuring 8-person cabins with outside ski and snowboard racks.

Silver Star Webpage:

“These new cabins will whisk guests from the bottom to the top of the Summit in a third of the time of the existing double chair. The ride will now take four and a half minutes from Village to Summit, traveling at five meters per second over a distance of 1,063 metres with a vertical rise of 293 metres,” says Brad Baker, Director of Operations and Maintenance for Silver Star.

This new gondola is attracting attention as it is one of the few new ski lifts getting built in Canada this year.  In the Spring of 2017, the BHA team completed the revision of the Silver Star Resort Master Plan, which aims to describe the comprehensive developments envisioned for the resort.  The new gondola will be a crucial element in the resort’s improvements with completion expected in the Summer of 2018.  It will be a milestone year for Silver Star Resort as they will also celebrate their 60th anniversary!

We are looking forward to riding on this brand new gondola!


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What a great day! June 22th 2017 marked BHA 13th Annual Tour de Trash Mountain Bike Race.  Thanks to all the sponsors and riders for making that day and evening memorable.


  1. Jonas Buchot
  2. Shane Gayton
  3. Dave Birch


  1. Robyn O’Neil
  2. Feja Nestlerova
  3. Marissa

Junior – Boys

  1. Michael Murdoch
  2. Tristan
  3. Reese Higgins

Junior – Girls

  1. Kaila Lafreniere

Tour de Trash 2017 race course:


BHA is happy to see the Big White Bike Park plans coming together.  “One of the key elements of the Master Plan was to have a pump track in the village core.  It is a fun and versatile biking amenity that caters to all ages and rider skills, from beginner to expert.  We are really excited to see it getting built,”  says Christine Bilodeau, one of our planners who is working on the Big White Bike Park Master Plan.  The pump track is scheduled to open this Friday, June 23 2017.  Kudos to the team at Alpine Bike Parks who did, as usual, an awesome job on the construction!

The Pumptrack under construction. Photo Credit: Alpine Bike Parks, 2017


Local Kelowna newspapers and blogs all have their eyes on the new bike park and pump track at Big White. For more info:

After an awesome ski season, Big White is turning its focus to summer activities and to construction of their new Bike Park.  “It’s not often that we wish the snow away, but it has provided us with some challenges this year,” said Big White’s president, Peter Plimmer (, 2017).  With an unusually deep snowpack from this winter, Big White is focusing its effort on removing the snow and resuming the Bike Park construction in order to be ready for opening day, planned for August 4th 2017.  The BHA team has been working on the Big White Bike Park Master Plan since 2015. This season’s Bike Park opening is a key element in the exciting changes envisioned for the resort.

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Once again, we are thrilled to see the Big White Bike Park in the news. With a planned opening date of August 4th 2017, everyone is getting ready for the big day!

Big White Ski Resort hired BHA in 2015 to develop the Big White Bike Park Master Plan.  Since then, it’s been an exciting project that we are proud and happy to be a part of.  The Master Plan was designed to deliver the next great downhill biking experience in British Columbia.

“Big White will be one of the first locations where there’s a true family-friendly trail in the high alpine,” says Judd De Vall, Principal of Alpine Bike Parks, the company managing the build (Pink Bike, 2017).

See you on August 4th!


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BHA is proud to be a WORCA (Whistler Off Road Cycling Association) Toonie Race sponsor! For the 12th year in a row, the BHA Team and fellow local businesses are hosting the “Tour de Trash”. Our course is one of the longest running in the WORCA Toonie series and is a great time for our staff to get active in our community and throw out a fun event for our many mountain biking friends in town!

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Tour de Trash 2016 aprés party!