We held our first Steering Committee meeting today for the Pemberton Valley Trails Master Plan. We’re excited to work on this latest Trails Master Plan just up the road from Whistler. With a wealth of existing trails and great potential for the future, we look forward to working with government, stakeholders, and community members to develop a plan that will shape the future of recreation in the region.

One Mile Lake Park – A beautiful, sunny fall day

The Cone Park Lodge, a major component of the Sioux City’s All-Season Cone Park Master Plan, is nearing completion and may open for the 2017/2018 winter season.  The Lodge will serve as the hub for the future Cone Park guests ice skating or tubing on the adjacent slopes, offering a warm spot to relax, warm up, and recharge.  The Lodge will also be used as an all-season community hub for events or private functions, such as weddings.

BHA was brought onto the Cone Park Master Plan as the Recreation and Park Planner to provide an assessment of the physical realities of the site, and develop an integrated, well-balanced site plan.  This great project was a collaboration between BHA and the professionals from SEH, V&K, Torrent Eng. and RRC.

The preferred concept linked a lite ice skating rink and tube park, snowboarding and skiing facilities, multi-use trails, and splash pad for summer, with an accessible base and parking area. The completion of the Cone Park Lodge represents the next step towards the realization of the Master Plan for Cone Park.

The Lodge’s progress is showcased in the Sioux City Journal.

BHA would like to congratulate one of our staff on a 2017 CSLA Award of Excellence! Alix MacKay was part of the team that developed the Outdoor PLAYbook, a key resource for Canadian schools and communities looking to develop outdoor play and learning environments. The Award of Excellence was given in the category of communications. Alix worked as Project Coordinator for the project, writing content, communicating with stakeholders, and helping to create the graphic identity for the website. The Outdoor PLAYbook team was comprised of researchers from the University of British Columbia (from the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, the Faculty of Education, and the Faculty of Medicine), as well as members of the Vancouver School Board. The team worked closely with parents, teachers, and local design practitioners on the development of the website and accompanying resources.

Read more in this month’s issue of Landscapes | Paysages.

Want to see more? Check out the Outdoor PLAYbook website.