Envisioned as a regional all-season recreation hub, construction of Cone Park in Sioux City, Iowa is well underway and the opening day is tentatively planned for the Christmas break – December 2017.   In 2015, BHA was selected as the recreation and master planning specialist on a multi-disciplinary team charged with putting together this extensive all-season park project.  With opening day only a few weeks away, the lodge, tube park, and snowmaking system are almost ready to go.  The BHA team had the opportunity to work collaboratively with the staff at Sioux City Parks and Recreation to create a plan that offers a diverse and unique recreation opportunity for the many young families of the area.  As the project progresses, we at BHA continue to be amazed and heartened by the growing enthusiasm for this new all-season park, and are eager to see Cone Park open its door to the public.

This great project was a collaboration between BHA and the professionals from SEHV&KTorrent Eng. and RRC.


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Cone Park Snowmaking System Installation

It’s 8 AM at the bottom of the gondola and the lifts are about to be cracked open.  The bright smiles of the crowd belie the crisp, pale Monday morning.  You can feel the excitement in the air.  Familiar faces and friends, the whole town is here, even your boss is here!  Living and working in a community that embraces the mountain culture is inspiring indeed.

So, if you call the office one snowy morning and there is no answer… don’t worry!  We will call you back shortly.  In the meantime, we hope that you are also making time for some fresh tracks (or whatever puts a smile on your face), and don’t forget to share the love!

BHA Fresh Tracks 2017

Going for a few laps this morning? BHA team enjoying some skiing and snowboarding.

Great news in Big White! The resort’s employees will soon have new housing available to them. Offering direct connection to the village, skiing facilities and work place, the first building is currently under construction and is expected to be completed in 2018. BHA worked with the Big White team to develop a multi-phase plan which included the site layout and grading, in addition to rezoning and development documentation. The modular construction, the attention to environmental impact and the resort’s active involvement in providing affordable housing to their employees brings this project in line with Big White’s vision and long term sustainability plan. This is a timely development as it comes during a period when the housing situation in BC is of growing concern.

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Big White Staff Housing under construction


As highlighted in the local newspaper  https://www.orangeville.com/news-story/7051636-whistler-olympic-park-designer-drafts-bold-plan-for-mansfield-ski-club/  the BHA team was selected to complete a full master plan exercise with Mansfield Ski Club (MSC).   MSC and BHA have been working together since 2015 on a variety of projects to provide a balanced, authentic experience to the club members and visitors.  The Club, located 2 hours from Toronto, is one of the most renowned and oldest ski racing clubs of the province.  As such, the long standing traditions coupled with strong family and community ties, helped craft the new master plan details.  BHA also used 3D modeling, detailed analyses as well as the latest ski industry standards and trends to help MSC achieve a powerful vision for the club sustainability.  Lift realignment, refurbishing of the existing ski runs and upgrade of the ski product, development of resort residential neighbourhood, base area design and all-season plans were all part of the blueprint.   The first steps toward the realization of the master plan was the development of two new ski runs and the new triple chairlift installation in the Summer of 2016.  It was followed by the construction of the first residential unit in January 2017.

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As part of an ongoing effort, the RMOW is putting together initiatives to answer to the many challenges faced by Whistler as a resort community.  Parallel to that, BHA was engaged by WDC to undertake detailed site analyses and envisioning exercises of the potential lands available for employee housing, institutional and recreation developments.  The plans were presented last night at the well attended RMOW’s Community Forum held at the Whistler Conference Center.  BHA plans highlighted the vision, goals and objectives for potential housing development along with graphics and mapping summary.  Following the work completed by BHA in 2005 for the Olympic Legacy Master Plan, this resident restricted housing planning exercise is now moving toward the 2020 Whistler Vision and the existing community realities.  Last night, RMOW’s Community Forum goals were to present the latest findings and initiatives as well as collecting the community input on transit, housing and the economic development situation.

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BHA plans at the RMOW Community Forum

Well attended Community Forum