Cheema Mountain Bike Community – Update

Brent Harley presenting an update on the Cheema Mountain Bike Community, Aug. 27, 2019.
Credit: Keili Bartlett

Brent Harley, President of Brent Harley and Associates, was in Squamish, British Columbia in late August to present an update on the Cheema Mountain Bike Community Master Plan developed through 2018. The proposed community will blend with the existing, and well-loved, mountain bike trail network in the Alice Lake and the Highlands areas in north Squamish, creating BC’s (and possibly the world’s) first bike in/bike out community. If realized, the community will offer a range of housing options, with the potential for commercial and institutional development, with a world-famous trail network at the doorstep.

The intent of the presentation was to put the idea of a mountain bike community back in front of the people of Squamish and representatives of the District of Squamish, answer their questions, and hear there insights into how the concept could be refined and ultimately realized. Moving forward, Brent Harley and Associates will work with residents, the Squamish Off Road Cycling Association, and the District of Squamish to create this truly unique community, preserving values that make the area special and addressing the challenges faced by a growing population.

More information on the presentation can be found in this piece by Keili Bartlett in The Squamish Chief newspaper.