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Watch to see two BHA projects featured on Global News

The following report was featured on Global BC in response to the approval of the $1.5 billion expansion for Hemlock Resort, planned by BHA.  South-western BC has, once again, become a hotbed for tourism development best characterized by the instant success of another BHA project the Sea to Sky Gondola.  Congratulations Hemlock Resort!   http:// […]

Designing a Mountain

“Think in terms of 16,000 guests a day…going up and coming down“   The following article by Brent Harley has been copied from the CLSA’s publication Landscapes.  A link to the original article can be found here. Hemlock is a small gem of a ski area in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia. On a big […]

But is it Really Landscape Architecture?

“My reviewing professor liked the design but cautioned that he was unsure if it was really landscape architecture.” – Brent Harley The following article by Brent Harley was featured as the Last Word in the CSLA publication Landscapes – Vol. 16, No. 1 which can be read here.   Mountain Resort Planning has always been the […]

Riverwalk Closer to Reality

“I have not seen anything more visionary, more forward-looking, more out-of-the-box thinking in all of the years I have sat through meetings here”   The following article by Seth Truscott has been copied from the Snoqualmie Valley Record.  A link to the original article can be found here. BHA visited Snoqualmie in August 2014 to […]

The Master Plan

“When we do a master plan,” (Brent) says,  “it’s more than just the ski lifts and the trails. It’s the full meal deal. It’s looking at all aspects of the operation.”   The following article by Nicole Veerman has been copied from Vueweekly.com.  A link to the original article can be found here.     […]