On July 10th, BHA presented the final Nakusp and Arrow Lakes Trails Master Plan to the Village of Nakusp Council.

BHA was hired in the summer of 2016 to undertake the process of creating this detailed Trails Master Plan for the community of Nakusp and Area K of the RDCK.  Working closely with a Working Committee made up of representatives from local trail user groups, BHA created a Master Plan that is aimed at establishing a clear vision for the development and management of an all-season, sustainable trail network.

In addition to working with local trail user groups, the BHA team hosted Public Open Houses in Burton/Fauquier, Edgewood, and Nakusp in March 2017 to gather community feedback. In addition, an online survey was used to collect more detailed information and capture the input of those who weren’t able to attend the Open Houses.

Using the latest digital mapping data available and compiling an extensive amount of background information, the planning process included a detailed mapping exercise of the entire region and the synthesis of the community consultation process.  The region hosts a vast network of trails serving a diverse range of trail users. The recommendations established in the Nakusp and Arrow Lakes Trails Master Plan will guide the future management and development of this important asset, benefiting locals and visitors to the region.

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Winter dog walking in Nakusp. Photo: Andrew Strain, 2017