With another amazing ski season coming to a close it was time for those in the business of skiing to once again gather, share stories, challenges, innovations, and opportunities at the 50th Annual Canada West Ski Areas Association (CWSAA) Spring Conference. Hosted at Lake Louise Ski Resort, Alberta, the Conference saw three full days of presentations and discussions, and showcased the latest and greatest in ski area design, management, and technology. Brent Harley, President and founder of Brent Harley and Associates (BHA), was honoured with a standing ovation in recognition of his role as a pioneer in ski area design and planning, and his decades of service to the ski industry in Canada. The BHA team was also well represented, attending several of the weekend’s workshops and showcasing BHA’s services to attendees from across Western Canada (though they still found time to sample the local terrain). While a long three days, BHA is looking forward to the 51st Annual CWSAA Spring Conference next year!