As highlighted in the local newspaper  the BHA team was selected to complete a full master plan exercise with Mansfield Ski Club (MSC).   MSC and BHA have been working together since 2015 on a variety of projects to provide a balanced, authentic experience to the club members and visitors.  The Club, located 2 hours from Toronto, is one of the most renowned and oldest ski racing clubs of the province.  As such, the long standing traditions coupled with strong family and community ties, helped craft the new master plan details.  BHA also used 3D modeling, detailed analyses as well as the latest ski industry standards and trends to help MSC achieve a powerful vision for the club sustainability.  Lift realignment, refurbishing of the existing ski runs and upgrade of the ski product, development of resort residential neighbourhood, base area design and all-season plans were all part of the blueprint.   The first steps toward the realization of the master plan was the development of two new ski runs and the new triple chairlift installation in the Summer of 2016.  It was followed by the construction of the first residential unit in January 2017.

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