As part of an ongoing effort, the RMOW is putting together initiatives to answer to the many challenges faced by Whistler as a resort community.  Parallel to that, BHA was engaged by WDC to undertake detailed site analyses and envisioning exercises of the potential lands available for employee housing, institutional and recreation developments.  The plans were presented last night at the well attended RMOW’s Community Forum held at the Whistler Conference Center.  BHA plans highlighted the vision, goals and objectives for potential housing development along with graphics and mapping summary.  Following the work completed by BHA in 2005 for the Olympic Legacy Master Plan, this resident restricted housing planning exercise is now moving toward the 2020 Whistler Vision and the existing community realities.  Last night, RMOW’s Community Forum goals were to present the latest findings and initiatives as well as collecting the community input on transit, housing and the economic development situation.

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BHA plans at the RMOW Community Forum

Well attended Community Forum