Zincton Resort ‘What the Proponent Heard’ Report

January 14, 2021/by Staff Admin

Zincton Resort Expression of Interest – Open for Public Comment

June 3, 2020/by Staff Admin

How to Plan and Design an All-Season Resort? BHA in South Korea and Japan

March 30, 2020/by Staff Admin

Happy Holidays from BHA!

December 19, 2019/by Staff Admin

Silver Star Mountain Resort joins the POWDR family

December 17, 2019/by Staff Admin

BHA Christmas Party 2019

December 17, 2019/by Staff Admin

BHA Trail Night on Cherry on Top with WORCA and Olives Market

September 10, 2019/by Staff Admin

Lake Louise Ski Resort Long-Range Plan Approved!

September 9, 2019/by Staff Admin

Update to Cheema Mountain Bike Community in Squamish, BC

September 4, 2019/by Staff Admin

2019 Mountain Bike Season is Here!

May 15, 2019/by Staff Admin

Sunshine Village – Proposed Tram 3D Flyby

May 10, 2019/by Staff Admin

Mountain Biking is in BHA’S DNA

May 2, 2019/by Staff Admin

BHA at the CWSAA 2019 Conference

May 2, 2019/by Staff Admin

Season’s Greetings From BHA

December 18, 2018/by Staff Admin

Adaptive Mountain Bike Trail Planned For Mount Seymour

November 18, 2018/by Staff Admin

BHA’s Cone Park – top new Iowa tourist attraction according to MSN

October 22, 2018/by Staff Admin

BHA Presentation at the CWSAA MTB Workshop 2018

October 3, 2018/by Staff Admin

BHA Project Moves Forward – Whistler Cheakamus Crossing Phase 2 Community Open House

September 25, 2018/by Staff Admin

BHA Project in the News, Pemberton Valley Trail Master Plan – Friendship Trail Under Construction

September 6, 2018/by Staff Admin

BHA 13th Annual MTB Race – Tour de Trash 2018

July 18, 2018/by Staff Admin

Big White Slopestyle 2018 – BHA is sharing the stoke!

July 12, 2018/by Staff Admin

Whistler Vallea Lumina – BHA Project in the news

July 10, 2018/by Staff Admin

Big White 2018 Bike Park Opening Day and 1st Slope Style

July 5, 2018/by Staff Admin

Whistler Wayfinding Project – BHA out in the field

June 20, 2018/by Staff Admin

BHA Planning in the Spotlight! Big White Slopestyle Athletes Announced

June 19, 2018/by Staff Admin

BHA in Cold Lake Alberta – Kinosoo Resort Master Plan Open House 2018

June 16, 2018/by Staff Admin

Big White Invites World’s Best to New Slopestyle Course

June 5, 2018/by Staff Admin

Sea to Sky Gondola in National Geographic

May 11, 2018/by Staff Admin

BHA at 50th Annual CWSAA Spring Conference

April 30, 2018/by Staff Admin

Pemberton Trail Master Plan – BHA leads Open House

April 10, 2018/by Staff Admin

Public Consultation for the Pemberton Valley Recreational Trails Master Plan

April 5, 2018/by Staff Admin

Upgraded Powder Chair coming to Big White!

March 21, 2018/by Staff Admin

BHA Planning comes to reality at MSC

February 28, 2018/by Staff Admin

YongPyong & The 2018 Winter Olympic Games

February 10, 2018/by Staff Admin

2018 Canuck Splitfest – BHA in Revelstoke

January 17, 2018/by Staff Admin

Riverside Camping & RV Resort, Whistler, B.C.

January 17, 2018/by Staff Admin

Young Skiers Education -Snow Safety Starts Early

January 8, 2018/by Staff Admin


December 15, 2017/by Staff Admin

Cone Park Official Opening Day! December 19 2017

December 14, 2017/by Staff Admin

BCSLA – BHA @ The 4th Annual Whistler Fiesta

December 1, 2017/by Staff Admin

BHA plans – Sioux City’s Cone Park construction months ahead of schedule!

November 24, 2017/by Staff Admin

Gone Skiing…

November 21, 2017/by Staff Admin

BHA Project – Big White Employee Housing Under Construction

November 17, 2017/by Staff Admin

BHA Master Plan – Bold Plans for Mansfield Ski Club

November 9, 2017/by Staff Admin

BHA Project : Whistler Land Planning – RMOW Community Forum

November 3, 2017/by Staff Admin

Kicking off the 2017 Pemberton Valley Trails Master Plan!

October 25, 2017/by Staff Admin

BHA Plans Coming to Fruition in Sioux City, Iowa

October 7, 2017/by Staff Admin

2017 CSLA Awards of Excellence

October 5, 2017/by Staff Admin

In Support of Controlling Growth – Brent Harley in the Whistler Pique

September 25, 2017/by Staff Admin

Revelstoke 2017 Mountain Bike Symposium

September 21, 2017/by Staff Admin

Pemberton Valley Trails Master Plan awarded to BHA

September 18, 2017/by Staff Admin

Mountain Bike Symposium 2017

September 5, 2017/by Staff Admin

Function Junction Bloc Party

August 28, 2017/by Staff Admin

Big White Bike Park Opening Day! – BHA Team is Thrilled –

August 4, 2017/by Staff Admin

Big White Bike Park Construction vs BC’s Wildfires

July 28, 2017/by Staff Admin

BHA Neighbourhood comes together – Function Junction Block Party

July 27, 2017/by Staff Admin

BHA and Naskusp Trails Masterplan in the News

July 17, 2017/by Staff Admin

BC Bike Race – BHA staff embarks on the BCBR journey!

July 7, 2017/by Staff Admin

Silver Star Resort New Gondola – BHA Master Plan –

June 23, 2017/by Staff Admin

BHA Tour de Trash 2017 was a success! Mountain Biking Event, Whistler

June 23, 2017/by Staff Admin

Big White Bike Park – New Pump Track Opening

June 19, 2017/by Staff Admin

Big White Bike Park – Construction Updates

June 19, 2017/by Staff Admin

Big White Bike Park Opening Day August 4th 2017 – Pink Bike

June 19, 2017/by Staff Admin

BHA Annual Bike Race – Tour de Trash 2017

June 19, 2017/by Staff Admin

BHA Project under construction – Cone Park, Sioux City, Iowa

May 18, 2017/by Staff Admin

BHA at CWSAA 2017 Spring Conference – Lake Louise

May 5, 2017/by Staff Admin

BHA in Nakusp : Trails Master Plan

March 15, 2017/by Staff Admin

Mansfield Ski Club Master Plan – BHA blueprint comes to reality

February 7, 2017/by Staff Admin

Rusutsu Resort Japan

February 2, 2017/by Staff Admin

BHA on PINK BIKE – Big White Bike Park

October 7, 2016/by Staff Admin

Big White Bike Park Construction

October 7, 2016/by Staff Admin

Whistler Wayfinding Implementation

September 20, 2016/by Staff Admin

BHA Feasibility Study – Mt.Keira, Wollongong, Australia

February 12, 2016/by

CBC – Approval of Hemlock Resort Master Plan

November 16, 2015/by

Watch to see two BHA projects featured on Global News

November 16, 2015/by

Changes Coming to Edmonton Ski Club

May 22, 2015/by

Whistler welcomes increased lease lengths for adventure tourism operators

May 1, 2015/by

Designing a Mountain

March 12, 2015/by

But is it Really Landscape Architecture?

March 12, 2015/by

Riverwalk Closer to Reality

January 6, 2015/by

The Master Plan

January 6, 2015/by

Ski Club Envisions Future as Hub of River Valley Activity

January 5, 2015/by

Community Ski Hills – Get em’ in young, get em’ in cheap

November 7, 2014/by Staff Admin
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