It’s been a busy summer at Big White and, as BC’s wildfires are keeping most of the province smokey or in a state of emergency, the crew at Big White are keeping another type of fire alive – the goal to finish the Bike Park in time for opening day!  Michael J. Ballingall, Senior Vice President of Big White Ski Resort, summarized this season’s Bike Park construction process:  “First it was too much snow, then the snow was melting too fast and everything was too wet and now, it’s hot and everything is too dry and we have to stop work at 1 p.m.,” (…) “Mother Nature has an incredible sense of humour this summer but our build team is made up of mountain bikers and they will get it ready even with hand shovels by our scheduled Opening Day of Aug. 4.”  Cheer on all the Big White team for the final push….

BHA was hired in 2015 to develop the Big White Bike Park Master Plan.  With ongoing planning, the bike park construction is currently following the phased implementation of what is envisioned to be a world class bike park facility.

From too much snow to too hot and dry. Photo: ABP 2017