Amulsar and Jermuk, Armenia

BHA was retained by Lydian International Ltd., a mining and exploration company,  to assess the feasibility of developing a ski resort in Jermuk, Armenia in conjunction with their Mine Reclamation, Closure and Rehabilitation Plan (MRCRP) of the Amulsar Gold Project.  Mt. Amulsar is located south of the town of Jermuk and currently holds an estimated 2.5 million ounces of gold with the potential to be substantially larger.  Mining operations are proposed to take the form of an open-pit mine, with work starting in 2014.  The potential exists to transition the open-pit mine into a ski area at its end of life through macro-sculpture techniques.  Preliminary findings indicate that Mt. Amulsar has the potential to be of equal capacity, size and scale of major ski resorts found elsewhere in Europe and North America.  The existing ski hill in Jermuk also has potential for expansion.  Through a phased expansion plan the two areas (Amulsar and Jermuk) have the potential to be linked, re-developing the industrial area as a world-class tourist destination.