Blackcomb Helicopters (Blackcomb Aviation)


Blackcomb Helicopters is a commercial recreation operator that offers guided backcountry recreation tours in the mountains and valleys surrounding Squamish, Whistler,
and Pemberton, BC (The Sea to Sky corridor). Operating since 1989, Blackcomb Helicopters has grown into a year-round operator that provides a range of helicopter assisted recreation activities to locals and visitors alike.

BHA has worked with Blackcomb Helicopters for the past 20 years, developing, updating and renewing their Commercial Recreation Management Plan. Through this process, BHA reviews current tenure areas, updating the inventory of physical, environmental, and recreational features and values. We also assess changes in local land use planning and market trends in adventure based tourism to account for all potential influences on the operation.

The resultant Management Plan identifies potential impacts to fish, wildlife, and environmental values, in line with provincial regulations. It goes further to highlight the steps to be taken to eliminate or mitigate those impacts. The plan also ensures that Blackcomb Helicopter’s activities are well integrated with the activities of other backcountry
users, neighbouring resource interests, other commercial interests, and local land use plans. Ultimately, the Management Plan provides Blackcomb Helicopters with a well-defined plan of action to guide development, and allows them to capitalize on the growing demand for helicopter assisted recreation activities in the Sea to Sky corridor.

Project Details

Client: Blackcomb Helicopters Limited Partnership (BHLP)

Year Completed: 2014


Recreation Planning

Land Use Planning

Development & Permit Approvals

GIS Mapping & Analysis