Cheema Mountain Bike Community Master Plan

Existing Trails

Proposed Development

The Cheema Mountain Bike Community is envisioned as a ‘bike to/bike from’, mountain bike focused lifestyle community that integrates an extensive existing mountain bike trail network with a wide range of residential unit types and is aligned with the current and future residential needs of the District of Squamish. The proposed community is situated just north of the Garibaldi Highlands neighbourhood within the Alice Lake & Highlands trail network in Squamish, BC.

BHA was engaged to develop a Master Plan for the project that included residential and commercial development and a mountain bike trails plan. To initiate the process BHA undertook a thorough analysis of the existing conditions considering the existing trail network, adjacent neighbourhoods, environmental sensitivities, and the needs of the District of Squamish. This was followed by an analysis of the physical realities of the site to identify lands that are best suited to built development and those lands best suited to mountain biking. BHA then engaged in an iterative design process to optimize both the proposed residential development and the mountain biking trails available. Through this process, BHA worked with representative of the Squamish Off-Road Cycling Association to identify gaps, opportunities, and key priorities for the trail network in the area in the lands beyond. The resultant Master Plan preserves more than 90% of the existing mountain bike trails and proposes the addition of new connector trails and mountain biking staging area, all while providing approximately 1,900 bike to/bike from residential units and supporting commercial space.

The Cheema Mountain Bike Community continues to be pursued and the developers are working closely with the District of Squamish to determine the best time to bring this unique development to fruition. Moving forward, BHA will continue to provide support to the project and looks forward to seeing BC’s first bike to/bike from community take shape.

Project Details

Client: 595752 BC Ltd.

Year: 2018


  • Bike to/Bike from Residential Planning
  • Mountain Bike Trails Planning and Design
  • GIS Mapping & 3D Modelling
  • Community Consultation
  • Landscape Grading Planning