Zincton represents the evolution of all-season mountain recreation in BC – a lift-assisted, backcountry-oriented ski experience based out of a high-latitude, high-elevation eco village.

BHA was engaged from the outset of the Zincton Project to advance the planning and design through the Provincial approvals process – from the Expression of Interest, to Formal Proposal, and on to Master Plan (Note: the Zincton Project is currently in the Formal Proposal Stage).

To initiate the planning process, BHA completed a comprehensive site assessment of the physical realities of the proposed tenure area, identified the potential for the land to support the envisioned activities, and submitted an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the Mountain Resorts Branch in May 2020. Over the following year, BHA lead the public and stakeholder engagement process on the EOI, supported Zincton Farms Ltd. in their First Nations Consultation, and undertook a series of updates and refinements to the concept and EOI that ultimately led Mountain Resorts Branch to invite Zincton to proceed to Stage 2 of the review process – the Formal Proposal.

In the Formal Proposal, the site analysis, inventory, concept, and planning were all taken to the next level. BHA revised the lift and ski terrain concepts with greater detail, determined overall guest capacity accounting for the unique backcountry-oriented focus, integrated a thorough environmental overview assessment, assessed infrastructure requirements, analyzed market conditions, and calculated the likely socio-economic impacts to the region. All this work culminated in the Zincton Formal Proposal which was submitted to the Province in September 2021, and which completed public and stakeholder engagement in November 2021.

BHA is excited to be working as part of a growing interdisciplinary team of experts from across BC to advance the Zincton Project to the next stage in the Province review process – the Master Plan. We are currently working with Zincton Farms Ltd. and the team to address outstanding questions and concerns, updating and refining the project concept and plan. Please visit www.zincton.com for ongoing updates and news of the project’s progress.

Project Details

Client: Zincton Farms Ltd.

Year: 2019 (Ongoing)


  • Project Visioning
  • Site Inventory and Analysis
  • GIS Mapping & 3D Modeling
  • Winter Concept Development
    • Lift-assisted Backcountry Skiing
    • Lift-serviced Skiing
  • Summer Concept Development
  • Online and Multimedia Public and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Support First Nations Consultation
  • Development of the:
    • Expression of Interest (Complete)
    • Formal Proposal (Current)
    • Master Plan (Pending)

A narrated 3D tour of Zincton. The video introduces the Formal Proposal concept, revised following input from First Nations, government, and the public and more detailed study of the proposed tenure area, and presents the intent to create a winter season recreation destination that will revitalize the declining, summer-only, economies of the Goat Pass region and create opportunities for families and young people.